Posted by: Edmund Glueck | August 23, 2018

Bodine 22B-60P Planetary BLDC Gearmotors with Encoder Shaft Kit

Bodine 22B-60P encoder mounting options [left to right]: (a) shaft cover plate installed [standard], (b) cover plate removed from gearmotor, (c) optional encoder shaft kit model 0964 installed, (d) with Quantum Devices encoder, (e) with Encoder Products encoder installed. Our innovative new encoder shaft kit features a 3/8” (0.37”) diameter that is compatible with several “off the shelf” encoder styles and manufacturers that offer the 3/8” bore size. The 22B-60P also comes with two different mounting bolt circles of 1.14” and 1.81”, allowing maximum flexibility with encoder selection.

Copyright Bodine Electric Company © 08/2018. All rights reserved.

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