Posted by: Sarah Prais | September 22, 2015

New 34B/SR-WX Brushless DC Gearmotors – 12/24VDC, CI/D2

New Brushless DC Gearmotors with Control – 12/24VDC, CI/D2, type 34B4/SR-WX

These new 34B/SR-WX, brushless DC, 12 or 24VDC, INTEGRAmotor gearmotors are ideal for low-voltage applications in remote locations that operate off-grid, from battery or solar power. These new gearmotors are also suitable for a wide range of industrial or medical applications that only allow low-voltage electronics due to user-safety considerations.

Bodine Brushless DC Gearmotor with control 12/24VDC, meets C1D2

The gearmotors feature a built-in speed control with speed pot, and are IP-44 with proper conduit installed. These new standard products are also UL listed for operation in hazardous locations per NEC, Class I, Div 2 environments (Groups A, B, C or D). Minimum order quantities and lead-times apply. Please contact your regional Bodine sales manager for assistance with samples and with further questions.

Connection Instructions for 34B/SR-WX Gearmotors in Non-Hazardous Locations Bodine App-Note_34B-SR-WX_non-haz-remote-wiring

This application note explains the steps to properly wire these new, standard 34B/SR-WX, 12/24VDC gearmotors for remote operation in a non-hazardous location. Click here to download the PDF. For remote operation of these products in Class I/Div 2 environments, please refer to all local safety rules and regulations. Contact our tech support team at 773-478-3515 or via, if you require further assistance.

User Manual, Sell Sheet, Product Specifications and 2D/3D CAD Drawings are Available Online

User Manual 34B-SR-WX Gearmotors 12-24VDC_IntegraTo download the gearmotor and control user manual, detailed product information and specifications, and our product sell sheet, please visit our product series page by clicking here. To download our press release and product photo for these new 34B4/SR-WX INTEGRAmotor low-voltage gearmotors, click here.To learn more about the definitions for Class I/Div 2, here is a link to a related Wikipedia page. As most of you know, CI/D2 is not the same as ex-proof (CI/D1).

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