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How To Connect a Reversing Switch to a 3- or 4-Wire (PSC) Gearmotor

Below information is from our latest Application Note on how to connect and reverse our fixed-speed, 3-wire and 4-wire reversible, AC single-phase gearmotors and motors. We conclude our series of AC application notes with four examples of what types of  reversing switches an engineer or technician can use to reverse our stock gearmotors.

How to Wire an Optional Reversing Switch to a 3- or 4-wire AC (PSC) Motor or Gearmotor (115VAC/60Hz Models)

These connection diagrams show how to wire an optional switch to reverse the direction of a 3- or 4-wire Bodine permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor/gearmotor. All the wiring diagrams use variations of a double throw switch, with a center-off position. The purpose of the center-off position is to bring the gearmotor to a complete stop before reversing its direction of rotation. This is necessary to prevent gearing damage. Table 1 (below) shows examples of switch manufacturers, part numbers and specifications recommended for use with Bodine products.

3- Wire-Reversible Bodine AC Motor or Gearmotor

Examples 1 & 2 show how to connect a single- or double-pole switch to our 3-wire, PSC, fixed-speed AC gearmotors or motors.  

Example 1- How to connect a single pole, double throw switch


Example 2- How to connect a double pole, double throw switch

 4-Wire-Reversible Bodine AC Motor or Gearmotor

Examples 3 & 4 show how to connect a three- or four-pole switch to our 4-wire, PSC, fixed-speed AC gearmotors or motors. 

Example 3- How to connect a three pole, double throw switch


Step 4- How to connect the four pole, double throw switch


Switch specification examples and part numbers

If you have any questions about how to connect our stock products, please give our support team a call at 773-478-3515 (Chicago area), or e-mail us at: All our stock gearmotor and motor connection diagrams are available from our web site.

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