Posted by: Edmund Glueck | May 7, 2014

Bodine 2014 Distributor Training Conference a Great Success!

We would like to thank all attendees for joining us at this year’s Distributor Conference in Northeast Iowa. Attendees came from all regions of the U.S. and from as far away as England. Besides the classroom sessions and the hands-on training, this 2-day event concluded with a number of factory tours at our Peosta, IA plant. Bodine’s commitment to producing the highest quality products is proudly demonstrated at every step of the manufacturing process. Hope to see you at our next event.

Bodine Electric Company: Peosta, Iowa - Manufacturing Plant 04/2014Bodine Distributor Conference: Plant Tour 04/2014Bodine Distributor Conference: Plant Tour, DC Armatures 04/2014Bodine Main Mfg Plant, Peosta, IA - Plant Tour 04/2014

Bodine Plant Tour: Peosta, IA  04/2014 - DanBodine Stock Products: Iowa Plant and Warehouse 04/2014Bodine Distributor Training: Hands-On Session, Load Testing 04/2014Bodine Distributor Training: Hands-On Session - Load Testing 04/2014 Bodine Distributor Conference and Tech Training 04/2014

10-Bodine Distributor Award_Burns-SP-plaque 04/2014












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