Posted by: Edmund Glueck | October 4, 2012

New 34B/FV-F INTEGRAmotor BLDC stock gearmotors

We just added a new series of 24V brushless DC (ECM) gearmotors to our standard INTEGRAmotor™ product line. The new type 34B4/FV-F gearmotors combine a PWM speed control, a brushless DC motor, a high-torque gearhead, and an optical encoder into one high-performance drive package.

Type 34B/FV-F 24VDC INTEGRAmotor gearmotor (up to 341 lb-in/39 Nm)

The 34B/FV-F gearmotors provide 1/4 hp (187 watts) and up to 341 lb-in. (39 Nm) continuous torque, with gear ratios ranging from 5:1 to 180:1. These new INTEGRAmotors operate from a regulated 24VDC power supply, and output speed is controlled via a digital Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) interface. The integrated control accepts inputs from an external motion controller or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). An enclosed 1024 PPR, 2 channel, optical encoder provides closed loop feedback to the external controller. Output speeds range from 0.3-500 RPM. The 34B/FV INTEGRAmotors and gearmotors are rated IP-44.

Bodine’s INTEGRAmotors and gearmotors are designed to be a lower cost alternatives for applications that typically require stepper or high-end servo systems. They can also replace traditional brush-type DC motors in applications that operate continuously (eliminating brush wear, and brush maintenance), or in applications where contamination with carbon dust from brush-type DC motors is not acceptable.

Typical Applications: INTEGRAmotors and gearmotors are found in medical equipment, packaging machines, conveyor systems, printing and photo finishing machinery, and factory automation applications. They are also ideal for portable or remote applications where connection to an AC line is not possible. Special order versions of INTEGRAmotor gearmotors can also be supplied with food-grade gearhead lubricants. We also offer a matching cable kit, stock model 3981.

Type 34B/FV-F 24VDC INTEGRAmotor gearmotor (rear view)

To view full product details , click here.

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