Posted by: Edmund Glueck | February 15, 2011

High-Performance Type “48B” Brushless DC (ECM) Motors and Gearmotors

High-Performance Brushless DC (ECM) Motors and Gearmotors from Bodine

Type 48B Brushless DC Motors and Gearmotors from Bodine

The new special-order 48B is twice as powerful as previous BLDC motors from Bodine. Delivering up to 1.5 HP (1100 Watts) output at 260VDC (3000RPM), it brings all the benefits of brushless DC technology to applications that in the past might have required higher-cost servo motors. The 48B is designed for applications such as large area fans, solar power tracking systems, pumps, medical and industrial equipment.
EBL Control

EBL Control


Because the 48B is a special-order product, virtually any aspect of the motor can be modified to fit your application requirements. Motor windings are available from 48VDC to 260VDC. Options such as accessory shafts, brakes, or encoders can also be supplied with any 48B gearmotor or motor. The 48B features a universal 56C mounting flange, but base mounting and alternative face mount configurations are available. The standard 48B configuration features a single connector for quick power and logic connections, but many other termination options can be accommodated. The 48B is rated IP-44, cURus/CE approvals are in process, and the product is also RoHS compliant.

48B-CG Gearmotor

48B-CG Gearmotor
The 48B can be supplied with parallel shaft or right-angle gearheads. When matched with the Type CG parallel shaft gearhead it can achieve up to 1,000 lb-in. (113 Nm) and a speed range of 3-125 rpm (with 2500 rpm winding). In combination with the Type 5H right-angle gearhead, the 48B provides 272 lb-in. (30 Nm) and a rated output speed range of 5-250 rpm (2500 rpm winding). Bodine Electric also manufactures a matching 115/230VAC input type EBL control that was designed for high-volume OEM applications. Bodine Electric’s EBL and ABL brushless DC controls are available to power the new 48B motors and gearmotors — providing a single-source motion control system.
Type 22B, 34B, and 48B motors.

Type 22B, 34B, and 48B motors.


Not only do the specifications of the 48B compare favorably to much more costly servo motors, it requires less maintenance and will last longer than traditional brush-type permanent magnet DC motors. The brushless construction results in a cooler running, quieter motor that can accelerate and decelerate quickly. It can be used in place of brush-type motors in applications where high starting torque and linear speed-torque characteristics are critical. The 48B is also suitable for solar and battery powered applications in remote areas where no AC power is available.

More info on our new 48B-CG Brushless DC Gearmotor with Built-In Control (24VDC): Custom Solutions


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