Posted by: Edmund Glueck | November 1, 2010

Over 100 Metric Bodine Gearmotors & Motors Now Available Online

Metric Motors and Gearmotors from Bodine Electric Company (USA)

Our selection of metric AC induction and permanent magnet DC products features special motor windings for many international markets and 50Hz applications. These gearmotors and motors also feature metric drive shafts and metric mounting threads.

Fixed speed AC motors are available with permanent split capacitor, split-phase, and three-phase windings. AC metric motors are rated 230 VAC, 50 Hz, single-phase, or 230/400 VAC, 50Hz, three-phase. Permanent magnet DC motors are available with a voltage rating of 180 VDC (F.F.=1.6, designed for continuous duty operation). Custom AC and DC windings can be provided to match almost any international rating.

We offer a complete line of both AC and DC metric right-angle and parallel shaft gearmotors. Torque output for AC gearmotors and motors ranges from 0.021-43 Nm. Fixed-speed models are available with speeds from 7-280 1/min (revolutions per minute). Output torque for our PMDC products ranges from 0.18-43 Nm with rated speed range from 5.8-345 1/min (rpm).

Bodine PMDC Motor Speed Controls Model 0865, 0866, 1865 (0-180VDC)

Bodine PMDC Motor Speed Controls Model 0865, 0866, 1865 (0-180VDC, at 230VAC)

Our 180 VDC metric PMDC motors and gearmotors are designed to operate with filtered and unfiltered PMDC motor speed controls and are rated for either F.F.=1.0 or 1.6. Bodine Electric Company also manufactures DC motor speed controls for these 180VDC gearmotors and motors. Our type “UPM” stock models, 0865 and 0866, are unfiltered SCR speed controls that operate from a 115/230, 50/60Hz input and can provide either 0-90VDC (at 115VAC input), or 0-180VDC (at 230VAC input). Bodine also offers an enclosed version of this DC motor control; see stock model 1865.


Pacesetter™ AC variable speed, inverter duty, three-phase gearmotors and motors are available in non-metric versions only, but can be operated with a 230/50Hz inverter (AC variable frequency drive) when the drive’s motor output frequency is set for 60Hz motors.

These gearmotors and motors are also available through Bodine Electric’s worldwide distributor network. The standard lead-time for our metric models is 4 weeks.

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