Posted by: Edmund Glueck | November 19, 2009

Professor Shahidehpour Named IIT’s Bodine Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) has appointed Mohammad Shahidehpour to the Carl and Paul Bodine Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer engineering.  Dr. Shahidehpour has been a faculty member at IIT for the past 25 years, with expertise in large-scale power systems, non-linear stochastic systems and optimization theory. He has written more than 300 technical papers, and five books on the subject of power systems and control. He was recently chosen to be the principal investigator of a $8 million federally funded effort to improve wind-turbine performance.

Bodine Electric Company created the endowment in 1988 to promote education in the field of engineering. According to Gillian Siegel, Acting Director of Corporate Relations at IIT, the endowed chair has had a profound impact on the Institute. The endowment has enabled IIT to attract and retain top-notch faculty such as Dr. Shahidehpour, as well as train the next generation of electrical engineers, including several current Bodine employees.

Bodine IIT Professor Shahidehpour; Top: IIT investiture ceremony, Summer 2009. Bottom: Prof. Dr. Shahidehpour, second from right.

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